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Draper days 5k

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Member Since:

Jun 01, 2013



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Running Accomplishments:

1600m: 4:27 (Utah 5A State Championship 2015)

800: 1:59 (Time trial the last week of school, timed by Coach Murphy.)

5K: 16:20 (ran under 16:00 for the 3 mile) @ Nike SW 2014

Copper Hills Invitational 2015 1600m Champion.

Ran on the SUU Cross Country/Track and Field teams

8th fastest 1600m runner in Alta history


2014-2015 Alta Track Athlete of the Year

8th place and 1st in age division at 2014 Jupiter Peak Steeplechase (16 mile La Sportiva championship race) time of 2:02:47. Sprained my ankle with a mile left, hobbled to the finish as fast as I could.


3rd place and 1st in age division at the 2015 Leadville Heavy Half, a 15.5 mile course that started at over 10,000 ft and had over 4500 meet elevation gain, tons of shifty rocky areas, ice, snow, rivers, and an out and back with 500+ runners on a narrow path at the top. I ran 2:13:09 and beat a guy from the Junior National Mountain Running team.


Short-Term Running Goals:

Spartan Race Goal Levels- 1-Finish top 10 (Happy) 2-Finish top 5. (Very Happy) 3-Finish top 3. (So much happiness) 4-Win (Extraordinarily happy)

Top 3 at Skyline Half

Win the Cottonwood Heights Thanksgiving 5k

Study really hard for the GRE and LSAT

Long-Term Running Goals:

Keep running

Keep breaking 5:00 in the mile at least once per year

Run the Boston Marathon at least once


I ran for Alta high school and was trained by Coach Murphy, he is a great coach, one of the best there is. Served an lds mission in Montreal Canada. I ran for Southern Utah University for over a year but have decided college track and xc isn't something I want to do, working out on my own is more enjoyable and helpful to suceeding in my academic goals. I still love running and plan on doing it as long as I can. Training for Spartan right now. I will graduate suu with a degree in psychology spring of 2019, after which I plan on getting my a Masters or PhD in industrial organizational psychology.

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Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

All of me wants to go work out a bunch today again except my body is telling me it's a rest day pretty strongly. So I'll listen to that. Might go throw the spear though.

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A little over 5 miles but I'm not sure because I didn't have my phone. I ran up to the mouth of the canyon while my mom and Adam biked. I sprinted down the hill to the park on the way back and did monkey bars, twister simulation, and monkey handles. I ran about a quarter mile in between each of those. I did abs with Adam after that too. And 30 more burpees before I showered.

Earlier today at the gym I did a good workout on the bench, I wanted up with 10x155, then 10x175, then 7x185, 8x185, and finished with 2x205. I was careful with the 185 and 205 because it would be bad if I messed up on those. I also did curls with 80 on the machine, and one set of 10 at 35 and one set of 10 at 40. Both felt good. I did 3x10 at 55 for the dumbell rows. I also did a couple sets on the oblique machine, abs, pull downs, weighted rows, 40s for dumbell overhead press, I also did a set of squats at 225. I finished with rowing machine and wide grip pull ups. Still to come are shoulders and some back work outs tonight.

Shoulders, lower back.

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Ran up at Alta with Alta squad, I ran 80 minutes with AJ, it felt good and was a really nice run. After I ran I went to the gym and worked out a bit but I was tired and found out I was sore when I tried benching, so I will take today easier with that.

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Kind of a low day, didn't go to the gym. Ran at the Brighton track with my brother, lots of people today. I ran a hard mile in the middle, 5:07, didn't feel great, and my throat/lungs had trouble afterwards. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, I will just go to the gym and get to benching. I'm thinking pull ups are going to be my main priority, I'm going to 100 throughout the day.

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I only did weights and they went well, today was pretty busy

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Ran with my brother at the track, tomorrow will be a big day for mileage after the race along with a gym day. But first things first, my body should be ready for a fast time tomorrow and I'll take care of workout buisiness afterwards. Hasn't been a crazy hard week for working out but I will get to 30 miles for the week and put in another really good strength day to cap it off. Then Sunday I'm going to do the 100 pull ups with 5-8 miles. Then Monday will be a long run with arms rest, Tuesday will be intervals and weights and I will go from there.

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Race: Draper days 5k (3.107 Miles) 00:16:58, Place overall: 7, Place in age division: 7
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Race day! Not a bad race, felt like death and pushed through it. My throat and lungs felt really messed up, like they do after I run at the Brighton track, and I ran there yesterday so figures. But getting my brother out to run is important.

Anyways the pace started out pretty fast, 3 guys broke away a little and then there was a group of 5 of us that kept together until the last mile. This is the first time I've gotten boxed in in a road race.. But I'm sure I also played a part in boxing in other guys unfortunately so its fine. Anyways I dropped off the pack first as that bubble of death in my chest/lungs I feel in bad races was really bad today, but I kept a good distance on the next guy in the pack. I surged with half a mile left and caught the guy with a bandana and tons of hair and then I lost power and was having trouble breathing and he caught me back, I let him get away, the finish line was farther away this year, they lengthened the course.

But then! I saw the clock and saw I was close to sub 17 and realized I had enough kick in me to catch him if I killed myself with 200-300 meters left so I busted out my kick and ran him down and got in around 16:57/16:58, he was a solid 20/30 meters ahead so it was a good kick, and I was so dead when I finished that I had to go lean over against some rail and sit down for a while. So I give my effort like an 8 (mile 3 could have been a little better), and how I was feeling about a 3. Still feels good to go sub 17:00 for a full 5k, the finish was about a hundred meters past where I remember it being, I wonder if the course is longer or the starting point is different. I also ran into a guy who used to run for suu after the race, mark! Also my old teammate Robby Lee was there so caught up with him a little. I also ran into Sasha at the starting line. I was going to cool down around 7 miles but I was coughing up my lungs so I decided to go easy and get mileage in later tonight. I also ran into a girl I took AP world history with like 5/6 years ago during my cool down so that was cool. Good race, don't feel great about this weeks mileage but I will get to 30, its not the end of the world and I will be in really good shape for Spartan in two weeks.

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