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Member Since:

Jun 01, 2013



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Running Accomplishments:

1600m: 4:27 (Utah 5A State Championship 2015)

800: 1:59 (Time trial the last week of school, timed by Coach Murphy.)

5K: 16:20 (ran under 16:00 for the 3 mile) @ Nike SW 2014

Copper Hills Invitational 2015 1600m Champion.

Ran on the SUU Cross Country/Track and Field teams

8th fastest 1600m runner in Alta history


2014-2015 Alta Track Athlete of the Year

8th place and 1st in age division at 2014 Jupiter Peak Steeplechase (16 mile La Sportiva championship race) time of 2:02:47. Sprained my ankle with a mile left, hobbled to the finish as fast as I could.


3rd place and 1st in age division at the 2015 Leadville Heavy Half, a 15.5 mile course that started at over 10,000 ft and had over 4500 meet elevation gain, tons of shifty rocky areas, ice, snow, rivers, and an out and back with 500+ runners on a narrow path at the top. I ran 2:13:09 and beat a guy from the Junior National Mountain Running team.


Short-Term Running Goals:

Spartan Race Goal Levels- 1-Finish top 10 (Happy) 2-Finish top 5. (Very Happy) 3-Finish top 3. (So much happiness) 4-Win (Extraordinarily happy)

Top 3 at Skyline Half

Win the Cottonwood Heights Thanksgiving 5k

Study really hard for the GRE and LSAT

Long-Term Running Goals:

Keep running

Keep breaking 5:00 in the mile at least once per year

Run the Boston Marathon at least once


I ran for Alta high school and was trained by Coach Murphy, he is a great coach, one of the best there is. Served an lds mission in Montreal Canada. I ran for Southern Utah University for over a year but have decided college track and xc isn't something I want to do, working out on my own is more enjoyable and helpful to suceeding in my academic goals. I still love running and plan on doing it as long as I can. Training for Spartan right now. I will graduate suu with a degree in psychology spring of 2019, after which I plan on getting my a Masters or PhD in industrial organizational psychology.

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Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

I ran up to brighton high track, the temperature thing at butler middle said it was 109 degrees and 105 on my back. Pretty hot, not sure if it was actually that hot.

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A little over a mile and a half to warm up in my trainers. Then a mile in my racing flats to see how they would feel. Then I had to go register for the sandy classic before work. Probably all the running I will do today. I hate it when its busy at work and I have to sit in a cubicle behind really loud person with an annoying voice, the microphones adjust to the volume of your voice so there's no reason to yell.. hopefully he's at the end of his shift.

I'm excited to race tomorrow, I think sub 17:00 and top 3 will be a fine goal for the race, I would say winning is my goal but I'm fairly certain Kramer will be there as well as Jared Croft and there are usually some other fast guys who show up. Jared Croft will be good comptition, even if I was in the best shape I've ever been in I wouldn't be able to challenge Kramer but I hope he's there because I love being in races with him!

I would also really love to do Jupiter Steeplechase this august, we will see. I need to be doing 10 miles per day by next week if thats going to be a good idea. But man do I love that race! And with Hayden and Tayte in europe I might have a shot at being king of the mountain if I do some mountain training in the mean time. But you never know who will show up, all I know is that that race is extremely beautiful and a lot of fun, and this time I won't get stuck in 30th place for the first 4 miles and I won't sprain my ankle haha. Going for well under 2 hours and I'm goign to stick with the leader as long as I can, even if its David Roche!!!

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First race in half a year, much like last years race it's been a long a time since my last race and I've been coming back from time off. This year I'm in a little better shape. Like last year I led for the first half and then fell off and got passed by some people. Ended up with 17:30 something which isn't good but it's a step towards getting back in shape and you have to start somewhere. And now I can start doing some speed workouts. I think I will do one 3 mile tempo or race per week along with 10 400s with 200m rest and then also 3-5 times about a k at the park near my house. That will be my workout plan for the next few weeks. This week I plan on averaging about 8 miles but I want to jump to 10 per day next week. We'll see how that goes. I should be able to run in the 16 minute range for draper days but sub 16 is likely out of reach unless I somehow get back in good shape by next Saturday.

Two positives from the race:

1. Wasn't stupid enough to wear flats, I went with the safe option of wearing my new trainers and avoided injury.

2. This will help me get on a better sleep schedule. It took me until 3am or a little later to fall asleep last night so hopefully tonight my body will know to go to bed earlier. I've been staying up too late because this is likely my last summer of freedom and fun. Not that that next summer won't be awesome, but I will probably be out of state working hard at an internship.

I didn't get more mileage today but I did have just about a perfect day overall. Today's was the type of day that I wouldn't mind repeating over and over again! Started off with a fun 5k and then played video games smash counterstrike and starcraft and also ticket to ride and had dinner with my family all day! Then had quite the good night after i played some more smash bros with my brother and sister. Such a good day!

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McDonald's is the worst thing to happen this world. Ok that's an exaggeration, but I really don't like McDonald's, I feel like if I reached into a garbage can and ate whatever I pulled out it would both be healthier and tastier than the abomination I had today.

Anyways I was going to run at Jeremy park but i was feeling sick from mcdonalds so I waited until I got home had some food and let things sit for a while and eventually got myself out the door. The run went ok. My ankles hurt a little and the right one still is a little aggravated but i'll see in the morning. I wanted to do a two a day tomorrow but it might end up being a bike day with hot tub and ice.

I wondered if dogs think houses and other buildings are natural objects or how much they understand about humans do. Whenever I have questions like this I realize animals have no language and can't actually think, they likely just feel and act based off those feelings and understandings of consequences and memory. So it probably doesn't occur to them at all how the house was made.

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First 10 mile run since my injury. Awesome! Even better it was well over 100 degrees for the entire run! I finished at 6 pm and it was still 101 so it's been a pretty hot day. The first couple miles I took easily playing pokemon go and just kind of running to pokestops and such, what actually got me out in the middle of the day was a raid going on a ways from my house so I ran over there. My phone started overheating so stopped playing and just listened to music and kept running. I then stopped at the rec center getting there a little past 5 miles through and ran for 3.5 miles which I did 22 minutes, not a bad pace. Then I ran home. Good hot run. Tomorrows mountain run will put me past 40 for the week. My right ankle/calf is a little tight but I will take care of it before bed.

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Not sure on todays distance. Ran up neffs canyon but its not a very runnable area and I wasn't sure I was going the right way so eventually I turned back and just hiked with my family. Oh well, I will just go with 4 miles running, a few more hiking.

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