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Jun 01, 2013



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Running Accomplishments:

1600m: 4:27 (Utah 5A State Championship 2015)

800: 1:59 (Time trial the last week of school, timed by Coach Murphy.)

5K: 16:20 (ran under 16:00 for the 3 mile) @ Nike SW 2014

Copper Hills Invitational 2015 1600m Champion.

Ran on the SUU Cross Country/Track and Field teams

8th fastest 1600m runner in Alta history


2014-2015 Alta Track Athlete of the Year

8th place and 1st in age division at 2014 Jupiter Peak Steeplechase (16 mile La Sportiva championship race) time of 2:02:47. Sprained my ankle with a mile left, hobbled to the finish as fast as I could.


3rd place and 1st in age division at the 2015 Leadville Heavy Half, a 15.5 mile course that started at over 10,000 ft and had over 4500 meet elevation gain, tons of shifty rocky areas, ice, snow, rivers, and an out and back with 500+ runners on a narrow path at the top. I ran 2:13:09 and beat a guy from the Junior National Mountain Running team.


Short-Term Running Goals:

Spartan Race Goal Levels- 1-Finish top 10 (Happy) 2-Finish top 5. (Very Happy) 3-Finish top 3. (So much happiness) 4-Win (Extraordinarily happy)

Top 3 at Skyline Half

Win the Cottonwood Heights Thanksgiving 5k

Study really hard for the GRE and LSAT

Long-Term Running Goals:

Keep running

Keep breaking 5:00 in the mile at least once per year

Run the Boston Marathon at least once


I ran for Alta high school and was trained by Coach Murphy, he is a great coach, one of the best there is. Served an lds mission in Montreal Canada. I ran for Southern Utah University for over a year but have decided college track and xc isn't something I want to do, working out on my own is more enjoyable and helpful to suceeding in my academic goals. I still love running and plan on doing it as long as I can. Training for Spartan right now. I will graduate suu with a degree in psychology spring of 2019, after which I plan on getting my a Masters or PhD in industrial organizational psychology.

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Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 404.25
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Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

Last week after I missed the race I did some cross training and core but stayed off my legs for the most part, the recent stress fractures have made me quite cautious. Also I didn't know if the team had any runs, and if so where they were on thursday-saturday.  Today I got to the gully late because of tennis practice, I started running the gully backwards from the way we usually do so I could find my team. I came to the road that the huge hill is on and saw some of the guys so I followed them, we went on a modified gully long run which made it longer. I'm not exactly sure how far I ran but I was running for a good 45 mins- and hour. I felt very low on energy and it was hard to not slow down. My lungs feel like they have opened up on the run but I think I will do 500-1000 meters of swimming at work today to open them up even more. Tomorrow should be interesting as I haven't done a speed workout for well over 2 months. I'm assuming its a speed workout because it's at the cottonwood complex. I will do my best to hit 75s or so if we do 400s, my average was 68 or 67 during track and I want my average to be less than 65 by the end of the summer. If we do 800s then I think I will aim for around 2:40ish, I guess we will see. I want to be hitting around 2:20 or less on 800s reps by the end of the summer. If it's something else,  I will just go hard and see where I end up.

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We did 800s at the cottonwood complex today, I couldn't find it on map quest so I just sort of had to guess at where it was. I ended up missing about half a mile of the warm up but still got in 2 and a half miles before we started the 800s. My 800s were 2:39, 2:35, 2:36, and 2:40. My average was a 2:37.5 which is 2.5 seconds faster than my goal was. Overall I'm happy with my workout, I like how closely grouped they were although I was a little slow on the last one. After the 800s we did a half mile cool down, Coach said we should do another mile when we get home so I will either do 2 miles on the bike or a mile run. I need to get mentally prepared to take on the Alta run tomorrow.

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I ran to the Brighton track last night (always some shady looking teens there at night), I had taken some of that asthma inhaler stuff and my regular asthma medicine and I felt great. I felt like I was running faster than I had been in a long time, the Brighton track is a little over 1.5 miles from my house and at least half a mile of that is a pretty steep uphill. I hit the uphill fairly fast and still felt pretty good at the top, I ran 3 miles at the Brighton track, and then I ran back home. I think if I included how much I walk at work, I would probably be at about 30 miles this week. I'd say I'm walking a good hour of each shift. Also I went swimming at work, swimming is always a great workout for me because I suck at it so bad. It really opens up my lungs, possibly another reason why my run felt good. I had to write the summary today because yesterday I could only put the miles in from my ipod but it wont let me write run reports on there. I didn't get a chance to run today because I woke up to one of my church youth leaders ringing my doorbell because I had slept in for the mini-mission, It was a great experience though and I'm really glad he woke me up for it. I just got home from at 10 and I need to hang with my family because they've been in Montana all week visiting my uncle and his family. However, I will have to consider a little stationary bike workout before I go to bed.

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Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance
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